5 Tips for better New Years resolutions

The count down to the new year has begun you know what that means for so many people....
New years resolutions!!!
Who remembers what resolutions they made last year? 
Did you keep it for 12 months? 
Did you keep it for 6 months? How about 3 or even just one??? 
Some don't last a week or even a day.
If we didn't follow through what happened? 
Did we lack conviction? 
Did we set the bar too high? 
Did we plan it? 

"If you don't manage your expectations you will have to manage your disappointment" - Paul Scanlon

So here are some simple tips to make your news resolution one that sticks...

1) Plan your resolution
Think about your resolution before the impulse at midnight. Make sure it is important to you.
Make sure you really care about it and what it would mean to change it. Even go as far as writing pro's and con's as what it means to follow through or not.

2) Make it manageable 
Don't say you will exercise an hour a day if you haven't done any exercise for the last 10 years. It will hurt and you will quickly find reasons not to do it. Start with small steps, just do a 5 or 10 minute light workout, build up. Factor in the ramping up process and goals. Even give yourself a timeline to take each step.

3) Stack the deck in your favour
Plan your start date, and start it as soon as possible, but don't try to force yourself to show will power on new years day if you have had a really late night and feel exhausted, plan to start a day or two later when you are fresh. Make it easy to get some early wins to help keep you motivated.

4) Be kind to yourself if you fall off the wagon
Know that you are likely to have some failures along the way, so plan for them. Write a strategy of how you are going to overcome the days you don't want to follow through. Know how you will pick yourself up when you feel that you have failed. 
One great way to help you with this is to remember the analogy of a bike ride. If you are learning to ride and you make it 500m down the road and fall off you are not magically transported to the starting point. You pick yourself up and keep going from the new point hoping this time you get 1000m, you have still made progress.
The same thing happens when you form a new habit, focus on the progress you have made, and aim to make more rather than dwelling on the failure.

5) Get help and get accountability…
If you have a goal to learn a new skill see an expert who can help. 
Want to improve your weight (gain muscle or lose fat) book a time to see Elke at Core Nutrition 
If you have an exercise goal come see one of our Physio or Chiro's for advice and a check up.
Want to feel move better and feel better then come and see one of us to get advice and help you keep the motivation and reduce risks of injuries.

From all of us here at Be Smart Get Supple:
We wish you a Happy and Safe New years 
We will be back to normal consulting hours on Monday Jan 6th 202. 
We look forward to helping you with your health related new years resolutions.