Nutrition & Weight

Nutrition & Weight

Healthy eating and weight management are vital in the journey towards optimal health. 

Be Smart Get Supple has teamed up with Core Nutrition to provide the best tailored programs to achieve your nutritional goals.

What can we help with?


-Difficult Weight Loss
-Heart Health issues(e.g. high blood cholesterol, high pressure)
-Bone & joint issues (e.g. Arthritis, Lupus, Gout)
-Gastrointestinal issues (e.g. Crones, Irritable Bowel, Digestive problems)
-Allergies (e.g. Coeliac, Fructose mamabsorption, Food intolerance)
-Diabetes & Insulin Resistance 
-Food Addiction (e.g. Emotional Eating)
-Thyroid & Adrenal disorders (e.g. Hypothyroidism)
-Maternal Health (Antenatal, Fertility, Post-Natal, IVF support)

Our Services
Core Nutrition Provides customised individual health advise.
"You cannot expect to receive the best health advice in a group setting. We are all unique people, and therefore only tailor-made advice is worth paying for."

  • Tailored Nutrition Counselling,

    • Cooking & Shopping Advice,
    • Food Product Advice,
    • Nutritional Supplement Advice
    • Menu Planning
    • Body Fat Analysis  

    • Menu Reviews (Food Industry, Nursing Homes,)
    • Public Talks,
    • Nursing Home Consulting
    • Cooking Demos
    •  Disabled Access,
    •  Senior Discounts,
    • Short Appointments (ideal for busy people)
    • Late Appointments
    • Free car parking
      • Health Fund Rebates (HICAPS service point - only pay the gap).
      • Medicare Treatment Care Plan accepted (conditions apply). 
      AGE GROUP - All ages

      • Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
      • Accredited Nutritionist (AN)
      • Work Cover Approved 

       About Us
      ELKE SUPPLE, the founder of Core Nutrition, has over 13 years of experience in Nutrition and Dietetics. A mum of two, she is passionate about healthy cooking and eating, free from artificial chemicals. Elke works at all of our clinics.

      Core Nutrition practitioners have gained and maintained their Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN) status since graduating.

      These accreditation mean we've done the hard yards to achieve University Qualifications to learn about nutrition for public health, medical industry and food industry. To keep this highly regarded status, each year we engage in future research and study to improve our knowledge and keep up-to date with current trends.

      To find out more about APD's and AN's, please see the national website of the Dietitians Association of Australia,