Massage Therapy

Too much stress and need to relax?
Tight muscles and  shoulder tension?
Waking with a stiff back in the morning?
Need a bit of time to yourself just to relax?
Want that edge when it comes to the big game on the weekend?
Need to recover from the epic weekend on field performance?

Then treat yourself to a massage.

Massage has been found to:
  • improve blood flow
  • reduce to muscle pains post exercise
  • improve muscle elasticity
  • reduce injury risk
  • reduce stress and tension
  • improve sleep
  • improve concentration performance (at work and play)
  • create a feeling of relaxation and invigoration
  • complement chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture treatments for better outcomes
The massage therapists at Be Smart Get Supple is trained in a number of different styles of massage to suit many different needs, including:
  • Stronger styles:
    • Remedial
    • Deep Tissue
    • Sports
    • Anma - strong traditional Chinese/Japanese fully clothed Massage
  • More Relaxing and gentle styles:
    • Biodynamic Stillness
    • Craino-Sacral Therapy
    • 5 Element integrated Acupressure
    • Detoxifying Lymphatic drainage
    • Relaxation
     Most private health funds offer rebates on massage with qualified massage therapists.  So if your private health plan covers massage enjoy the ease of on the spot claiming for your convenience.

    Individual rooms with individual air-conditioned comfort make your experience quiet, comfortable and relaxing.  A place that you can truly escape your daily concerns.

    Stuck for the perfect gift idea - we have massage vouchers available