Use it or Lose it

We should all be willing to invest in our health to prevent small problems becoming large ones. Many people take out private health insurance to help buffer the costs of these.
Health funds offer a limit to the amount they will pay, and this limit may not cover all of the costs of recovery from an injury.  Particularly if that injury has been ignored and allowed to develop into a long standing issue, with many changes to the tissue and the way we move (often called compensations).
However, in many cases if a problem is dealt with in a timely manner these compensations do not become strong habits and so the problem is more likely to recover sooner.

Many people have pain and are paying health funds every year and not using the rebates their rebates.

So if you have been thinking "I will get around to that pain later"  if may be best do something about it now, it is not too late.

You don't want this years pain to use up next years limits.