T2T Tree Removals

The clinic and car park surround a grassy patch of land with a couple of trees on it.  Many think that it is part of our clinic land,  but it is actually owned by the City of Charles Sturt Council.  The address is 192 Torrens Road Renown Park. 

We have been informed that this weekend (13-14 May 2017) the trees will be removed from this Council land as part of the requirements for the update to South Road.  The Torrens to Torrens (T2T) Alliance need to move a number of services and utilities, and they will be relocated to under this land.

The trees that the T2T Alliance will be removing are shown in the images below. The large peppercorn tree (top image) and the tree closer to the clinic building (bottom Image).

These trees have been part of the view for a long time, and it will seem strange to everyone that they are not there any more.

We will miss their welcome shade in the summertime.

We thought we would let people know to expect things to look a little different when they next arrive.

If you have any questions the T2T Alliance contact page is the place to go, their Environmental plans can be found here.

Images from google maps street view