Still Open During Corner Works

I was at the corner of Torrens and South Road on the weekend, and whilst it looks all a bit foreign and a little confusing, there is actually not a lot different.

Our driveway access is still as normal.
Our practice hours are as normal.
Access it all fairly straight forward.

 So despite the barriers erected and diggers at work, we are still happily carrying on as normal. So many people are surprised as to how much simpler travel along South Road is without all of the right turning. It can just look a little imposing the first time you come along.

Another point is that Tait Street is blocked off to through traffic, but the next road north is Bishop Street and is open for those of us who come down Torrens Road from the direction of the city.  My suggestion is to turn Right on to Harrison Road. Second Left onto Bishop Street and then Left on to South Road. Remember you ARE allowed to turn Left at the lights from South Road on to Torrens even with the Barriers in place. There is a sign on the Traffic Lights to remind you.

So although the road works are a little disorienting as there is a fair bit going on, it is actually making a lot of things a lot easier.

Give us a call if you have any concerns and one of Be Smart Get Supple Receptionists will be glad to help give you some ideas.