South Road Smoother Flow than Ever!

We were speaking with the Torrens 2 Torrens representatives a few days ago and were informed that the traffic along South Road is moving better than ever.

The signs you see around that show how long to get from here to there is determined by the traffic tracking devices they have placed around. These track how long it takes individual cars to get from one place to another.

Comparing this data to a year ago there are considerable improvements in the traffic flow speeds, with only a slight reduction in traffic numbers.

This means that the traffic is moving better and so it is easier to get to us than it ever has been.

This backs up what a lot of people have been saying, their transit times are better than ever.

We have suggested that the see if they can publish this data to help combat the impression that people have that road works are always inconvenient.

Don't be mislead by radio and other media they don't have the true data.

If you don't like traffic, then avoid peak hours, but that is always the case.  As such we are open well outside these hours to help out.

The times that traffic slows down is at night and on the weekends. These are the times of major works, but even then there are only slight delays.

Soon they will change the alignment of the road which will further improve the Traffic Flow and mean less interference with the road even during they times of heavy works.

So don't let an incorrect impression keep you from improving your health.

It is good to relax while driving, but maybe not this much!!

Image Credit: Nancy <I'm gonna SNAP! from Flickr under Creative Commons Licence 2.0