South Road Upgrade - Flowing Freely

Something that a lot of people are nervous about is travelling through road-works. Worried about hold ups and frustrations along the way.

Well good news is that the traffic is flowing pretty freely around the areas of the south road upgrade. With most of the work being done at night they have made good headway with minimal impairment of traffic flow.

The section of road between the Torrens River and Port Road has had a lot of work done, but it has actually added space and made traffic flow smoother already. While some days there are works being done, most of the time it is flowing well.

The area around Torrens road intersection has had very little works done yet and so has not really changed.

When the time does come that they work here we have been assured that there will be access to the Be Smart Get Supple car-park during our operating hours.

We will attempt to keep you up to date with relevant information as it comes to hand.

Alternative Routes

In planning for the South Road works alternate routes have been made to cope with increased traffic.

So if you really do not like Road-Works then look at the maps for ideas on alternative routes.

Coming from the West

Coming from the South or Glenelg try
South Road  → James Congdon Drive → Park Tce (City Ring Route) →Torrens Road → Blight Road → Tait Street → South Road (heading South) → Torrens Road

Anzac Hwy  → West Tce →Port Road (Bonython Park) → Park Tce (City Ring Route) → Blight Road → Tait Street → South Road (heading South) → Torrens Road


Instead of the Ring Route you could go through Brompton via Cheif Street (Watch for speed cameras in this 40 km/h zone)

Be Warned that there are some 40km/h zones and they are regularly policed with speed cameras, so stick to the speed limits.

If you wish to check for updates on the daily traffic restrictions check the T2T Alliance news page.

Traffic Light Image Credit: Tawheed Manzoor  via Creative Commons Licence