Holidays Fly By

Time Passes too fast

I don't know about you but for us the Christmas new year period has flown past like a whirlwind.

For those that had holidays we hope that it was a great time with rest, recharging and some enjoyable time with those important to you.

The clinic is back to the full operating hours again.

Please note that Rodney is now starting at 8 am on Wednesday and Friday, so the new opening hours for the clinic are as follows

Monday 9:30am – 7pm
Tuesday – Friday 8am – 7pm
Saturday 9am – 1 pm

As time passes too fast, don't wait until tomorrow to correct those things that you have been putting up with, or to take the steps to get in better shape or balance your life more.  As before you know it another year will have passed and we will be sitting wondering what happened.

Image Credit:  Christian Schirrmacher under Creative Commons licence