You can't out run a bad diet!!!

Exercise is Great.
Exercise is fun, or at least is should be!

Exercise has many health benefits from reducing stress chemistry in the body, improving sleep, and keeping you strong and limber.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that inactivity accounts for 3.2 million deaths a year making it the fourth major cause of death in out society (read more Here).

However ...
Exercise is a part of weight management but it is only a relatively small part of it.  It might be about 10-20%.
If you are not exercising you will gain weight quicker, as that 10-20% will compound - FAST.  Also without that 10-20% it will be harder to get rid of the extra weight, but relying on that 10-20% alone will make it a slow and difficult journey.

So if you have a terrible diet, you can't expect to go out for a long run to counteract the excessive food, soft drink and alcohol intake. You need a measured approach to both exercise and eating.

Here at Be Smart Get Supple, along with Core Nutrition we look at ways to support your good eating habits, good exercise habits as well as find the underlying issues in your body that make shifting the weight harder.  This is not about boring diets, but enjoying food and maximising life, whilst achieving your goals.

Core Nutrition have an excellent article with a lot more detail about exercise and weight loss.
You can find it HERE.

Image credit: Chelsea Nesvig under Creative Commons License