Seven tips to a peaceful Christmas

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Christmas Greetings

Christmas has descended upon us again at lightning speed.

If you are anything like me you don't feel that you are ready and that there is still too much to do before the day comes.

But make sure that you step back and give yourself perspective.  Regardless if you believe Christmas to have a religious meaning or not, it does give us a chance to come together with friends and family and look at the year.  To forgive each other for wrongs, shed grudges, and enjoy time with people who are important to us.

It is a time to think of others and how we are so blessed. Whilst spare some time to share with those less fortunate.

Also spare a thought for those who are going to find this a tough Christmas as they have lost love ones and are still dealing with the pain of that loss.

Some hints to prevent Christmas from consuming you...

Remember it is not about the gifts but about recognising those that are important to us.
 - Tell those important to you what they mean to you. You never know how much it will help.

Share the load
- Consider a change to the Christmas meals.  Don't make one person do it all,  "bring a dish" meals reduce stress and add so much variety to the Christmas spread.

Spread events over several days
- Most people have from Christmas Eve through to Boxing day, so suggest to have one event each day to reduce over eating and too much stress that comes from rushing to fit everything into one day.
- The particular day of Christmas is chosen to represent the day, but there is no need for everything to happen on that particular day.  If I celebrate my birthday on a different day with people that are special it is not more or less valid than on the particular birthday date. So in my opinion this is the same, as with so many things it is the intent and attitude in which the day is celebrated.
-It makes it easier to moderate your eating also.

Telling someone they are important doesn't have to cost much.
- Gifts are an supposed to be an expression of love, but it should never be about how much you spend.  A small home made gift can mean more than a expensive mass produced item. To me there is nothing more special than my children giving me something they have made.  It is better than anything anyone buys.
- Look for unique items from local shops and crafts.
- Give the gift of your time. Give vouchers to spend time with those people special to you.  It can make you do things you might usually put off due to the busyness of life.

Shed that unwanted emotional baggage
- Shed Grudges. "Kiss and make up". It is very relieving to  get these things off your chest.

Share with those in need.
- I heard this year that the Salvation Army, who provide for many disadvantaged people in the community, have more need than current donations can provide for. So if you can spare a little to brighten the life of ones less fortunate.  Giving gifts to those you don't know and may never meet is a great way to lighten your spirit and brighten your own life. If you don't have much money to give the donate some time.  Take your kids and allow them to see what it feels like to help others.

Allow a lot of time and practice patience
- Shopping and traffic can be chaos at this time of year.  We all know it. So factor it in. Allow for heavy traffic. Allow for finding a park to take longer. Plan to park further from the shop front door.  Expect there to be long lines at the checkout. Then you can be patient with the other people around you.  If you struggle, take calm music on your phone or a book to read to distract you so you don't feel it is a waste of time.
- Remember these things when you descend to the shops and deal with the chaos of the commercial Christmas.

Holiday Opening Hours

We also feel that Christmas is a time to rest, restore and recharge our relationships, emotions and health, so we will take advantage of the public holidays and the clinic will have the following opening hours.

Normal hours up to Christmas Eve (Dec 24th).

Brendon will be on leave from December 25th and Return January 5th
Rodney will be on leave from December 25th and Return January 6th

Valerie will be on leave from December 25th and Return January 6th

William and Trevor will be available:
Saturday December 27th 8:45am - 12:30pm
Wednesday December 31st 1-6pm
Saturday January 3rd  8:45am - 12:30pm

Our phone will be on answering machine outside of these hours, so messages may take a while to be answered.

From all of us at Be Smart Get Supple

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Christmas and New Year!