Henley Organic & Sustainable Market

By Anita Brown

On a Saturday or Sunday morning you can find me strolling down the aisles of some of Adelaide’s fresh produce farmers market. Only recently I have found a little hidden gem at Henley Beach Primary School and I just have to share the secret of the ‘Organic & Sustainable Market’!

It is the first Certified Organic market in South Australia, gaining certification from NASAA, an approved organisation by the Federal Department of Agriculture.

Fresh food makes for Fresh tasting meals
Many of you may be wondering why certification is important… It is your guarantee that the food is free of pesticides, synthetic chemicals and it is grown sustainably, making it better for you and the environment.

Australia has a highly regulated and strictly monitored farming industry, however imported produce may not meet these strict standards. For instance, even countries as close as New Zealand can spray crops with pesticides that are banned for use in Australia. Buying from local farmers, gives you assurance that they meet the strict Australian standards.

All stalls found at the Organic and Sustainable market, including the artisan breads, meats and pre-made goods are made using all certified organic ingredients so you can do your entire weekly shop in the one place and know you are supporting local communities.

I am a strong believer in supporting local farmers and families so I am going to join the Supermarket Free Month, which is coming up in April. Could you do a whole month without the supermarket? This is a good time for you to check out your local farmers market and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere they provide. Check out Core Nutrition’s facebook page for more information about the Supermarket Free Month and tips to help you through that month.

The Organic and Sustainable Market is not only a place to buy fresh and locally grown food but it is about bringing the community together and providing an environment to share recipes, learn about nutrition and watch cooking demonstrations. All the stallholders are passionate about providing organic and sustainable products and are happy to give you some helpful tips & ideas for ways to use their produce.

I would highly recommend a trip to the Henley Beach Organic and Sustainable Market, not only can you do all your food shopping but you can relax and soak up the wonderful atmosphere, while sipping on your freshly squeezed, organic juice.

Where and when is the Organic and Sustainable Market
Open 9:00am - 1:00pm every Saturday
Henley Beach Primary School, Military Road - Henley Beach South

Header image: used with permission from the Organic and Sustainable Market Founder.
1st Image Credit : MorgueFiles
2nd Image Credit: Stock Xchnge