Healthy Weight Week - Save money while improving your health.

With Healthy Weight Week upon us again, it is a good time to start making small changes that will have you feeling your best.
Why not make one small positive change this week by opting to drink water instead of a sugary counterpart. See how much sugar you can remove from your diet with one small change. Not only will this improve your health but it will also save you money.

Swapping water for other store bought drinks can save your family 74kg of sugar and $1224 each year. This is how:

2 litres of cordial concentrate
@$4 per week = $16 per month

1 can soft drink
@ $2 per day = $60 per month

1 sports drink
@ $3.50 per weekend = $14 per month

2 litres of fruit juice drink (25% fruit juice)
@ $3 per week = $12 per month

It adds up quickly!

A Word of warning, don’t replace with artificial sweeteners they have their own risks, plus they still cost the same!

For those of you who find the taste of water a little bland and the thought of drinking 2 to 3L a little daunting, try adding some lime, lemon or mint to add a little zing. 

Another helpful tip to increase your water consumption is to purchase a BPA free bottle that will keep you sipping more safely all day long.

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Image Credit OPAL SA Health