Is your acupuncturture / Dry Needling practitioner Government Registered?

Government Reistration for Acupuncturists has been in place for a little over a year.

Recently it has been found that there are still many clinics advertising acupuncture who do not have any registered practitioners present.  This is illegal, but difficult to enforce.

Why should you look for a registered practitioner?
Registered practitioners are required to exhibit the following:
  • Highly trained and/or Long experience of safe practice
  • Competence to practice as safely as possible
  • Continually updating their skills and knowledge
  • Recognised by health funds
  • Understand when to refer
What does this all mean to you? 
Essentially it is about your safety. 
Nothing in life is without some risk, but with a registered acupuncturist you are minimising your risks.  Just like GP's and surgeons you want a highly trained practitioner to do their best for you. Acupuncture is the same.

Always ask if your Acupuncture or Dry Needling practitioner is registered.