Nutrition and Weight Page

Health is vitally dependent on what we put in out body.

If we do not provide the required base elements then the body can't be expected to function at optimum. Dr. Rodney Supple has often said:
'if you have a forumla 1 car and want to win a grand prix, 
You don't put the cheapest oil and fuel in it that you can.
You have to get the best and the right balance,
 if you want the top performance.
The body is the same!'
Top performance for most of us is not about winning the gold medal, but just feeling good daily so we can enjoy what is important to us.

A quick check of your eating can make a world of difference to your health and healing, and don't worry in a balanced diet there is room for flavour, fun and treats...

We have put up our Nutrition and Weight page so you can find out more how a session with a Core Nutrition Specialist can help you achieve your health goals.